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Integral Solutions

Integrals was created after the need of reliable IT solutions that cover specified software, consulting and infrastructure needs.

We started as a very small company that created a specialised software application to cover the needs in the first aid healthcare, by providing an automated solution and increasing productivity in medical offices, by keeping structured medical records, patient history and appointments as well as future notifications per patient, either manual or automated and crated a doctor-to-doctor-to-patient network, reducing the time needed from the next level of health care to review a patients medical record and helping to reach a faster and more efficient treatment.

In the next year we decided to push the limits further, thus engaging in maritime solutions to help the industry reduce costs and seeking time when a ship diagram was needed in order to help repair crews and ship crews in their maintenance work and reduce the space needed for physical diagram storage.

Now, after the previous success, we decided to use our previous gained knowledge and expertise to proceed further aiding maritime industry and provide a solution that will help the ship owners and their companies to further efficiently manage their naval property with a notification system that can directly inform the stakeholder parties and prevent issues that might arise during goods transportation. With the previous in mind and our continuous pursuit of improvement, we decided to focus and specialise in maritime solutions that will refresh the industry of the latter.

We plan on growing and expanding this solution as we believe that prevention surpasses remediation.

Join us on an exciting journey of innovation and creativity...

The Command Platform is our next step of technology advancement in achieving direct information provision to stakeholders of different aspects for the smooth operation of ship automations and decision making when situations require it, in order to prevent rises of costs during traveling and/or maintenance.

Compact, yet powerful, our High Level Availability Terminal Service engine, that fuels the Command Platform, can directly provide useful information within a short time and help diagnose/analyse a situation based on data provided by any device that can be attached to the application platform.

Designed and built with high availability and expandability in mind the modular structure of Command, makes it very flexible to suit needs that may arise. The modular architecture used allows the creation of custom modules tailored for needs at hand. That way the platform is not constrained.

Feel free to contact us for further information regarding our solutions.